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Reynek Brothers on Jan Němeček‘s photographs 

NEWS | April 5, 2017

Photographer Jindřich Štreit and curator Štěpánka Bieleszová foreword opened Jan Němeček exhibition in Café Amadeus yesterday. He commuted to Petrkov more than two years, where he met with the sons of the poet and graphic artist Bohuslav Reynek and his wife French poetess Suzanne Renaud. He was drinking tea with them, eating biscuits, chatting and occasionally he photographed brothers Daniel and Jiří.

"On New Year 2012, I went to Petrkov first time. Blindly. Without notice, only guided by the desire to get to know the place and the country of which I dreamed, and I probably knew of fine prints and poems of Bohuslav Reynek. Since then, whenever I could, I was on weekend mornings, sleepy sat on a train and went to Havlíčkův Brod and beyond, went Reynek‘s landscape of the few hundred meters from Petrkov station to the castle where I was in the yard welcomed alarmed taking off pigeons and the first from curious cats that are able to reproduce during the year from thirteen to twenty, and who accompanied me the silent ground floor of the house that never does not lock into the floor of brothers Daniel and Jiří. Kindness with which they allowed me to come again and again, which I cooked with tea and biscuits offered, with whom I talked about Petrkov and the life was more important than the fact that I could shoot, "said Němeček

On the adjustment of the exhibition he collaborated with the graphic designer Jakub Šolín. "They chosed metallic zinc plates that evoke the graphic matrix as prepared Bohuslav Reynek," explain Bieleszová.

In addition to the inward experience, visitors can take away from the exhibition also fragments of Reynek poems with Němeček’s photo on the back. They can find its in the travel case.

For children there is a corner where are worksheets and photographs installed in the amount of their eyes.

Photo file Reyneks / Petrkov was created at the Institute of Creative Photography at work as the subject Jindřich Štreit documentary publications.

After exhibitions in Opava and Blatná, now these photos are presented to June 25 at Café Amadeus od Archdiocesan Museum.

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma


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