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Publications from the Art Museum received the Olomouc Region Award

NEWS | April 6, 2017

A publication of the same name accompanied the exhibition of the Temple of Sciences and Muses last year which was dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the Olomouc Research Library. While the exhibition took place in three places - in the library, in the Museum of Art and in the Museum of Natural History - the award-winning book was prepared by the graphic artist of the Art Museum, Vladimír Vaca. The publication is dominated by the initials of the mid-15th century Boskovice Bible, on which Samson kills the lion.

"I am glad that the government appreciated this truly prestigious catalog, on which we contributed significantly," said Michal Soukup, Director of the Museum of Art. In addition to Vacas graphic design, art historian and curator of the museum Jana Hrbáčová was also an editor.

The second book accompanying the Temple of Sciences and Muses was the newly-developed history of the Scientific Library.

In the Museum of Art last year were exhibited the most valuable exhibits from the historical collections of the library - manuscripts from 11-16th centuries, primates, book binding and handwritten maps of 15-17th century. Among them are the 11th century Evangelist of Zábrdovice, one of the most valuable illuminated manuscripts in the Czech lands, two Czech translations of the Bible from the 15th century - the Bible of Olomouc and the Boskovická Bible, one of the most dimensional documents in the library collection, Gradual Louka (15th century) Or the origin of Boccaccius Famous Women of the 15th Century. Unique is also a circular map of the world from the end of the 15th century.

The beginnings of the library date back to 1566, when the Jesuits came to Olomouc, founded a college, and started building a library for their study needs.

The prizes of the Olomouc Region in the field of culture were awarded for the eleventh year this year. The governments aim is to appreciate and highlight the best cultural achievements. The blessing Bishop Mons Josef Hrdlička was celebrating this years honorarium. 


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