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Olomouc welcome really special guest: Landscape

NEWS | April 23, 2015

Our landscapes and imaginary, propositional, composed, romantic, scary landscapes in many ways perceived. "Twenty-fifth annual meetings festival Environmental days Olomouc (EDO) offers an interesting program for all inquisitive people who like to travel and learn about nature, allowing them to meet with the landscape in all its forms and often in unexpected contexts," said Director of Sluňákov Michal Bartos.

Discussion part of the program, which will be held in the Music Theatre in the Museum of Modern Art, visits from Friday to Sunday (April 24. to April 26) numerous personalities of our public life. A regular guest of the Festival is Václav Bělohradský whose favorite thoughts are always in a Sunday morning. George Bacon will describe the end of a rural ecologist David Storch told that the ecological landscape there, philosopher Stanislav Komarek mentions educate people and landscapes. Josef Jařab presents the life and work of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who greatly influenced mans relationship to the landscape. Alena Wagnerová please present the story of Sidonie Beautiful and Pointless motive beauty. Alena Oberfalzerová invite people to Mongolia, the Czech Petra Hanáková sea, Zdenek Kratochvil not only on the Cyclades and Petr Pokorny points out the strong points in our country. Philosophical concepts landscape Zdeněk Pinc, Jan Tabor and George Zemánek. In connection with the issue of leaving home Pavel Barša will talk about Europe and Islam. Martin Škabraha invites viewers into the coasts of Czech films.


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