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Nostalgic exhibition complemented terrine and radio

NEWS | October 23, 2015

Twenty-nine art teacher James Kolmaš are shared with the museum exhibits for the exhibition To Catch Up and Get Ahead. To "Brussels room" brought a bowl of soup and the radio.

"Parent’s radio among to the things that I was sorry to throw," explained Kolmaš. Soup tureen bought for mom to Aukro comes from the GDR. "At this point it does not matter, because it is at that time was commonly used object Czechoslovak households," said exhibition curator Klára Jeništová.

Kolmaš admitted that such "artifacts" at home and in the basement much more. "Theyre books, records, fabric..." enumerated. It keeps them mainly because theirs design or historical value.

The room decorated in the style of Brussels is already from similar donors vase, electrical socket, camera Flexaret, curtain, flower table and even Tchyniny languages from kindergarten Svatoplukova. "Currently, we most welcome lamps and chandeliers," said the curator.

Items from voluntary lenders will alternate in the installation. "Stay here every time until someone offers something similar, so it may happen that there will be needed until the end of the exhibition," said Jeništová. Photodokumentation then captures all forms of the room. The plan is also an animation when it will be "live" by actors of Theatre Tramtarie.

If you want your treasures from the 60s exhibit, please contact the curator Klára Jeništová. Ideally please send an e-mail in advance brusel@olmuart.cz with photo subjects offered.

Photo Gallery
Terrine and radio

Jakub Kolmaš handed subjects from 60s curator Klára Jeništová.
Photo: Pavel Konečný

Jakub Kolmaš and its treasures

Photo: Pavel Konečný

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