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MUO won an extraordinary award at MUSAIONfilm

NEWS | JUNE 11. 2021

The MUO won the Labyrinth of the World Award for outstanding contribution during the pandemic. The films "EDU on a Wire" and "Being Close to the Distance" were awarded.

EDU on the Wire

The short videos are intended to motivate the viewers, especially children, to engage in creative activities inspired by the exhibits, exhibitions, and premises of the Olomouc Museum of Art. With this series, we responded to the needs of distance education at the height of the pandemic.

Being Close at a Distance

The Olomouc Museum of Art is a state-sponsored institution that holds collections of pieces of art belonging to the state, churches and private persons, from antiquity to contemporary art. Our museum, like most cultural institutions across the world, had to face unexpected challenges in a time of coronavirus restrictions, and try hard to maintain continuity during the months of changes and uncertainty. While presenting and interpreting the museum’s collections, we formulated the following basic questions: how to keep in touch with the public during the isolation and closure of the museum? How to maintain contacts with individual visitors in an online space that tends to be rather anonymous? And what can we do in this unexpected situation? At the same time, these challenges gave us an opportunity to evaluate existing activities while putting our existing and upcoming projects in a new perspective. Our aim was to organically integrate new activities into the long-term concept, from the virtual opening of new exhibitions to a series of educational videos, in which the museum lecturers responded to the needs of distance education at the height of the pandemic.


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Labyrinth of the World 2020–2021 

Price for excellent  museum audiovisual contribution  during the 2020-2021 pandemic

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