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MUO announces a competition for graphic designs of promotional items

NEWS: 18 09 2023

The Olomouc Museum of Art, a state contributory organization, announces a competition for the creation of graphic designs for new promotional items of the Olomouc Museum of Art.  


Museum of Art Olomouc, State Contributory Organisation (hereinafter MUO), Denisova 47, Olomouc. www.muo.cz.


The competition runs from 18 September to 31 October 2023 inclusive. Please send the document in PDF format to jureckova@muo.cz with a maximum size of 35 MB. In the subject line of the email, please indicate: Merch MUO.  In the body of the text, please write: name, surname, title of the work and attach an annotation.  Please also include information about the author in the email: place of residence, or a link to a website or other form of presentation of your work. 


The subject of the competition is the creation of designs for five promotional items.

Three promotional items are specified, namely:

  • adult socks
  • a toy stamp set
  • packaging/case of your choice (e.g. snack case, glasses, stationery, documents)

Two other promotional items are based on the free design of the participants.

A. Assignment: 

Create an original design for three promotional items:  

  • adult socks
  • a toy stamp set
  • packaging/case of your choice (e.g. snack case, glasses, stationery, documents)

Next, create a free design for two promotional items of your choice.

When creating the designs, the participant must take into account the MUO graphic manual.

B. Topic:

Promotional objects based on the digitized collections of the Museum of Art Olomouc, state contributory organization.

C. Inspiration:

Collection objects from the collections of MUO, AMO, AMK. Here can download collection objects for merch.

Select at least three collection items to be developed into the required five graphic designs for promotional items, see point 3 of the SPECIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS. Use a font based on the MUO graphics manual, Mediator_SQ. Here can download the font for merch. 

D. Technical Limits:

Include in the submittal document the manufacturer of the promotional item(s) to be provided for each proposal to ensure product feasibility. 

E. Price Level:

The selling price of the proposed products will range from approximately 100 - 500 CZK.

F. Number of designs per person:

One design for each product, i.e. one design for socks / one design for stamps / one design for packaging / case of your choice / two designs for free theme.

G. Deadline for submission:

31 October 2023, 23:59

Submit your graphic design along with a mock-up application for the product. Motifs must be original, not previously published anywhere, not monetized, created for opencall. They must be based on digitized MUO collection items. The font used will respect the MUO graphic manual


The competition is open to anyone with graphic experience and a desire to creatively influence the form of promotion of a major museum institution. There is no age limit for participation in the competition. By submitting the design, the participant confirms that he/she is the author of the work and that there is no infringement of the authors rights.


The three best proposals will be selected by a committee composed of representatives of the Olomouc Museum of Art, a state-funded organisation. The selected proposals will be presented publicly.  

The Olomouc Museum of Art reserves the right, in the case of low quality proposals, not to select all three places or any winner and not to present the proposals publicly. It also reserves the right not to use the winning design.


museum decides to implement the winning design or several designs for the purpose of sale, it will conclude a licensing agreement with the author, which will become a condition for the payment of remuneration. In addition, a copyright/work contract will be concluded with the author with all legal requirements, information for production and with regard to the pre-arranged product manufacturer.    


The selected designs will be awarded as follows:  

1st place, winning design - 7.000 CZK
2nd place - CZK 5,000
3rd place - CZK 3,000

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