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Minister: we are looking for possibilities for SEFO

NEWS | 6. 10. 2016

The Ministry of Culture is looking for possibilities for realization the Central European Forum Olomouc, said minister Daniel Herman during todays visit Olomouc region.

"It is an important project in terms of finding spiritual - cultural identity of Europe and our country. We are trying to find ways to get as specific as possible the chance for his realization," said Herman. Ministry feel responsible for its subsidiary organizations. "And Olomouc Museum of Art is one of the most important of them," he added.

According to Deputy Minister of Culture Vlastislav Ouroda the Museum of Art in Olomouc include between organizations that always trie to solve the situation actively and constructively. "In the case of the Central European Forum has already managed to buy land, archaeological survey was carried out and we are trying to accelerate the process," added the deputy.

As added Minister Herman, exploring the possibilities for realization of the project is currently in the analysis phase. "We evaluate mainly financial issues," he said.

The museum director Michal Soukup praised the approach of the ministry. "Above all, we are very pleased that the minister supports the project. Ministry under his leadership do all steps to ensure that the forum could arise, and for that I am grateful," he said.

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