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Minister and future hetmanr supported SEFO

NEWS |November 4, 2016

Minister of Culture Daniel Herman participate on working meeting with the director of the Museum of Art in Olomouc today. Along with the future hetman Oto Košta and rector of Palacky University Jaroslav Miller all agreed that the project of Central European Forum Olomouc is to be tightened to a successful end. According to the minister, concept of Forum relies on a lot of experience.

"First, it is necessary to finance the preparatory phase, which sources from the Ministry of Culture is possible, it is not an exorbitant amount. Then I will submit the matter to the government and assume that the synergies positive interest will help to make this project the entire government seen as a priority. It should bring together the financing of the state, region, city, and we will try even about European finances," said minister.

According Herman the target year is 2021. "The implementation must be phases and carry out step by step with all legislation requires," added minister.

The leader of the winning candidates of the recent regional elections Oto Košta indicated that he has followed project as a layman, and the inhabitants of Olomouc only from the media. "Ive had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with Forum. It is clearly beneficial for the city, the region and the Czech Republic. In the future will bring significant value. If I will be elected hetman, I’ll support it," promised Košta.

Support of Minister of Culture and the future hetman praised museum director Michal Soukup. "In particular, we are grateful for that, Mr. Herman found time and arrived in Olomouc, to give him to the project and its history in detail imaginable. Also helpfulness future hetman is a great encouragement for us, "said museum director.

According to him the museum must prepares for the Ministry of Culture the investment plan to the end of this year. On the basis of the ministry wants to resolve the financial aspects of the project in the first quarter of next year.

Central European Forum Olomouc is one of the most ambitious projects of the postwar Czech museums. Its main objectives are underpinning the diverse manifestations of visual culture of Central Europe after World War II, on both sides of the Iron Curtain. The basic prerequisite for the emergence of a vacant area adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art.


Photo Gallery
With model of museum.

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma

In the exhibition Rustle of Angel Wings.

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma

Talks about Central European Forum Olomouc.

In the foreground rector Jaroslav Miller.
Photo: Zdenek Sodoma

Minister od Culture Daniel Herman (middle) and his two deputies.

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma

Talks in exhibition Palace of Olomouc Museum of Art

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma

In the exhibition Rustle of Angel Wings.

Photo: Zdeněk Sodoma

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