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The exhibition Maximum approach attempt KE 3171 O 96 ends on Sunday

NEWS | MARCH 5. 2020

To experience art a little differently, this allows visitors to the Archdiocesan Museum the first educational exhibition in its history. It deals with still life and offers various views of the work of art, but be careful only until Sunday.

In many respects, a different exhibition that will convey the traditional still-life art genre will be on display at the beginning of the 2020 exhibition season at the Gallery, Salon and two permanent exhibitions of the Archdiocesan Museum. It is based on two basic concepts of getting to know a work of art - the principle of process cognition and the constant interaction between the observer and the object, during which both parties are enriched, either in the form of knowledge or acquiring new content.

Photo Gallery
KE 3171 O 96.
Maximum approach attempt KE 3171 O 96
Maximum approach attempt KE 3171 O 96
Maximum approach attempt KE 3171 O 96
Maximum approach attempt KE 3171 O 96
Still life almost one stroke
Marek Šobáň | Head of Educational Department
David Hrbek | lecturer
Hana Lamatová | lecturer
Still life with lemon

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