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Madonna with Veil will be to  the end of June in London

NEWS | March 8, 2017

Chef-doeuvre of Archdiocesan Museum, painting Madonna with Veil by the Italian Renaissance painter Sebastiano del Piombo, is lend to the National Gallery in London. The image will be exhibited from March 15th in the main building on Trafalgar Square as part of the exhibition Michelangelo & Sebastian.

"The exhibition is aimed at a friendly artistic relationship between Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo," said the curator of Italian painting of the Archdiocesan Museum Gabriela Elbelová.

The painting of the Madonna with Veil comes from the original collection of Bishop Karl Lichtenstein-Castelcorn. "Its an intimate recollection beautiful composition and its theme. The Italian renaissance painting at that time began to cultivate a sleeping baby Jesus with Madonna or Holy Family. It is an exclusive painting, "explained Elbelová. Madonna with Veil represents the pinnacle of Italian Renaissance creation in our country. It is the only one of del Piombo painting in the country.

Del Piombo was originally Venetian painter who worked in the first half of the 16th century. When he came around in 1511 to Rome, he began painting under the influence of Michelangelo and Raphaelo. There was also this image. "Both of these effects are evident on him, especially in the typology of the characters, especially the Virgin Mary in her physiognomy. With Michelangelo he worked together on many contracts and enjoyed a close friendship, "said Elbelová.

Last time was the Madonna with Veil lent ten years ago in Rome. "The interest in this painting is big, we have a lot of applications, but most of them do not comply. Lend him only at the most prestigious exhibitions, "said Alena Jemelková, head of heritage preservation of Olomouc Archdiocese, which owns the painting. According to her, it is the most popular for lend  Titians painting Apollo and Marsyas, the works of Cranach and precisely del Piombo.

Contract to borrow is concluded between the Archdiocese Olomouc and the National Gallery in London. Insurance to tens of millions of crowns and British government guarantee.

The exhibition Michelangelo & Sebastian will be at Londons National Gallery until 25 June. Madonna with Veil is exposed on the first floor.

Sebastiano Luciani detto Sebastiano del Piombo (around 1485 Venice -1547 Rome)
Madonna with Veil, (around 1520)
oil on poplar wood; 120.5×92.5 cm

Photo Gallery
London: National Gallery

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

London: National Gallery

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

Photo: Gabriela Elbelová

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