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How do you like it?

NEWS | 13. 1. 2016

The new magazine Museum of Art named Muzeion is slowly dismantled. The reactions on social networks art lovers delight. We asked to Muzeion and "cultural professionals": How do you like?

Radim Schubert
Head of Culture of the City of Olomouc

I was most interested in his appearance. I bled and previous bulletin, but the new magazine with its can not compare the content, scope or size. Its representative of the material that constitutes the work of the Museum of Art and its people. I like graphic design and unusual, I would say extraordinary, format.

Petr Nerušil
Director of festival Flora Theatre Olomouc

Personally, I think it is important that institutions such as the Museum of Art has its own magazine. I am glad that I had overlooked in Olomouc cafes, I like to go. Its also possible his format. Nearly it would be handy to have a poster inside and perhaps with some reproductions.

Lenka Prucková
Director of the Library of Olomouc City

For me, the crucial is first impression. I like the novelty and retro style title page that corresponds to the current exhibition. Content is on the level, I hope you can keep it in the future. Graphically hilarious, some pages seemed to me too much color. From our library it disappeared quickly attracted readers. That impressed me from the start, I will certainly read it in the future.


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