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Help us decide "duel" design schools?

NEWS | 20. 10. 2015

Since last week, we present at the exhibition "To Catch Up and Get Ahead" Czechoslovak and Polish design 60s. One of the highlights of the exhibition is a confrontation porcelain from both countries. Among the more than sixty objects not lack for example the famous coffee services by Jaroslav Ježek and animal figurines by Mieczysław Naruszewicz that are valuable collectors item worldwide. Side by side you will see a different version of the same theme in the concept of Czechoslovak and Polish designers. Which treatment is better? "Porcelain duel" you can help us arbitrate, our visitors. Just fill the questionnaire ticket.

Photo Gallery
Lubomir Tomaszewski

coffee service Dorota, 1961
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Danuta Duszniak, Jaroslav Ježek

Danuta Duszniak, coffee service „Prometeusz“, 1959
Jaroslav Ježek, coffee service Tria, 1959
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Jaroslav Ježek

Manon coffee service, 1958
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Mieczysław Naruszewicz, Jindřich Wielgus (?)

Mieczysław Naruszewicz, sculptures Scottish Terrier, 1961
Jindřich Wielgus (?), Sculptures Fox Terrier I and II, 1964
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Henryk Jędrasiak, Jitka Forejtová

Henryk Jędrasiak, sculptures Sudan woman and Seated Girl, 1958
Jitka Forejtová, sculpture Seated Girl I and II, 1962
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Mieczysław Naruszewicz, Jaroslav Ježek

Mieczysław Naruszewicz, sculpture Aurochs, 1957 
Jaroslav Ježek, sculpture Big bull, 1963 
Photo: Justyna Fedec

Porcelain duel at the exhibition To Catch Up and Get Ahead

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