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Exhibition of drawings has reprise in Bratislava

NEWS | January 20, 2017

Transformations of drawing art from old drawings to the present revealed last year at the Museum of Art exhibition By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel… from January 26th to expect reprise in the Slovak capital.

"We agreed with the director of the Bratislava City Gallery Ivan Jančár on mutual borrow. For our collection of drawings we will borrow from Slovakia works of Milan Jankovič,"said curator Ivo Binder.

In the old art the drawing was considered as preparation for the painting. It began to be prized from the Renaissance, when it began to gather the artists themselves. From the 19th century began drawing more become independent, but still did not reach significance as painting or sculpture. It has enjoyed an equal position in the second half of the twentieth century with the advent of gestural abstraction, from the sixties to become an equal medium.

Collection of the Museum of Art contains about 16,000 drawings . For the exhibition had received about three hundred and to Slovakia goes them third. A hundred exhibits will be on display again in Mirbachov Palace at Franciscan Square, Bratislava.

"I would not appoint one or two works, I can not give preference to anyone, a lot of stuff is great, its actually the best of the best," said Binder.

The exhibition By charcoal, paintbrush, scalpel… in Bratislava ends in mid-April.

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