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VERNISSAGE: The library and music archive of Karl of Lichtenstein-Castelcorn

NEWS | 7. 6. 2018

Two new exhibitions start on Thursday 7th June at 4 pm in Kroměříž Chateau. 

Cabinet of Music II.
Archdiocesan Museum of Kroměříž
(stable exhibition)

The time of the reign of Emperor Leopold I is connected with the work of Olomouc Bishop Charles II. from Liechtenstein-Castelcorna to the chateau of Kroměříž, whose courtyard was used by Pavel Josef Vejvanovský and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. The new exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the form of music at the Imperial Court, which set the direction and determined the taste of music, in the context of the Episcopal Court reflecting all the artistic aspects of the time and its shot far beyond the regional boundaries. On selected exhibitions, it will be possible to see how the influence of the Imperial Court was spread and copied by its courts of religious and secular dignitaries.

Library of Bishop Karel of Lichtenstein-Castelcorn
Archdiocesan Museum of Kroměříž
(to 28th of October, 2018)

The exhibition together with the catalog will present the most interesting books from Bishop Lichtensteins collection. In addition to the content, the library will also familiarize the visitor with their own process of acquiring books, binding and storing them. Pandans to bound books will be the presented graphic sheets, which were previously an integral part of the library.

Photo Gallery
Heinrich Ignatz Franz Biber

The title page of sonata La Battalia

Georg Muffat

Sonata Violino Solo

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

Vidi Dominum

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

The title page of Litania Lauretanae

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

The signature cipher of Vejvanovsky


The narrow violin since 1775 from Thomas Hulinsky

The Salzburger prayer book

The title page of the autumn part of the Salzburger prayer book from 1518

Manuscript dedication

Manuscript dedication of the University of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Olomouc Bishop from 1692

The typical book

The typical book binding from the Liechtenstein collection

Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition

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