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The Art & Print exhibition ends on Sunday

NEWS | FEBRUARY 27. 2020


Only four days to the end of the exhibition of old graphics from the collections of the Art Museum. Take the last opportunity to come and see the works up to five hundred years old. In addition, today the exhibition will guide you last time its author Helena Zápalková.

Nowadays no one really doubts on the significance of graphics, nevertheless, it was not always as definite as it is now. It was often perceived mainly as a medium of reproduction, especially as a source of information on history, culture and art. Very soon, two new complementary levels of graphic print began their progress. The first and actually the original role of graphics is based on the ability to reproduce, to multiply the picture, and it presents the graphics particularly as a tool for spreading ideas, pictures and thoughts. Even though this fact was and still is the most significant, the same value has since the very beginning its second role, too: the artistic one, the exclusive and supremely authorial one. Both levels could freely meet, mingle and complement each other. The name of the exhibition focused on old graphics relates to interdependence of the picture making-of technology and the artistic purpose of the author. On the selected exhibits, you can observe the story of the graphics; its historical development and the diversity of its forms and functions: starting with woodcut illustrations from the 15th and 16th century (Michael Wolgemuth, Hans Brosamer, Jost Amman) and followed by virtuous copperplates by the renaissance and mannerist masters (Heinrich Aldegrever, Giorgio Ghisi, Cornelius Cort , Aegidius Sadeler, Hendrick Goltzius), wide range of possibilities and forms of baroque etchings (Pietro Testa, Salvator Rosa, Václav Hollar, Michael Rentz, Giovanni Battista Piranesi) to universality of lithography which dominated the graphics of the 19th century (Honoré Daumier, Antonín Mánes, Josef Führich). The topics include sacred and profane themes, mythology, allegory, history, architecture, landscape, portrait and genre and satiric prints.


Photo Gallery
Pietro Testa
Heinrich Aldegrever
Honoré Daumier
Cornelius Cort
Jan Hamersz Muller
Joseph a Johann Klauber
John Smith
Johann Christoph Winkler
Franz Ambrose Dietel
Marco Alvise Pitteri
Michael Heinrich Rentz
Pieter de Jode I.
Adrien Pietrsz Venne
Michael Wolgemut
Joseph Führich
Jan van de Velde II.
Antonín Mánes

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