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Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

Theatre of Music will commemorate the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution 

NEWS | 17. 10. 2016

In November, in which we will commemorate the Velvet Revolution, will be framed the program of Theatre Music by profile of Feste Theatre. Socio-critical orientation ensemble will play in Olomouc three productions.

Political focus and commitment Feste Theatre is reflected in its dramaturgical direction. The ensemble that carries the name of a clown from Shakespeares Twelfth Night, is systematically trying to take a critical look at the taboos and change, and delete preconceived viewpoints.

Mini profile Feste Theatre Music Theatre
November 1 - Husina
November 28 - Osmdesátdevět (89) - Trainer of one revolution
November 29 - Power of the Powerless

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Feste Theatre
Feste Theatre

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