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Adolf Lachmans Calvary has been exhibited for the first time since 2000

NEWS | 14. 7. 2017

Visitors to the Fascination of Fascination with reality for the first time can see the creation of most important czech hyperrealists in one place - in the Triple of the Museum of Modern Art. One of these painters is Adolf Lachman. His work represents 16 paintings at the exhibition.

Visitors attention is most attracted to his Calvary . Fourteen paintings symbolizing the individual stops of Jesus Christ have been exhibited since 2000 for the first time.

"I am exposing the Calvary here, and I am very glad that it is because it is, ever since 2000, enclosed in a chapel - and thats how it gets to a lot more people," Adolf Lachman smiles.

The Lachmans Calvary was established in 1998 and its concept is very unusual. The viewer can not see how Lachmans face looked like Christ.

"I did it during my studies, and I chose to use the method of the scarlet painting, mysterious, and that I would never show Christs face. Everywhere is so suppressed or not visible at all. It is such a minimalist composition of cuts, anatomical fragments of bodies, parts of figures with the absence of those faces, because today I can hardly even know how Christ looked. I am working with him as a symbol, "explains his concept as a painter himself.

Fascination of Facts Exhibition Hyperrealism in Czech painting as well as the Lachamn Cross way can be visited by visitors until September 10th.

The exhibition Fascination with reality is accompanied by applications for iOS and Android mobile phones. This comprehensive photo gallery presents a clear database of hyperrealism in Czech painting.

Photo Gallery

Adolf Lachman created the Calvary as a student.


Adolf Lachman created the Calvary as a student.


Adolf Lachman created the Calvary as a student.


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