FLOWERS OF PATIENCE: Floral motifs in liturgical art

01 06 – 30 09 2022
Crypt of the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas in Olomouc

As powerful spiritual symbols, motifs from the plant kingdom appear already in biblical texts and later in spiritual literature. However, since the Middle Ages, their depiction can also be found in the arts and crafts, where they have often been used as bearers and mediators of abstract ideas, transcendent contents and meanings. The beauty of nature, its variety and variability have been seen since the early Middle Ages as evidence of Gods creation. The fragility of flowers has been linked to the fragility and vulnerability of human life…

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Photo Gallery
Christiana Colloredo-Mannsfeld

Velvet casserole with painted exotic flowers
Opočno, 1826

Maria Theresa and the nuns of the Institute of English Virgins in Sankt-Pölten

Votive Theresian Cassule depicting "Ferdinands Talking Cross",
adit and manipul Vienna, circa 1770

Antonie Khevenhüller-Metsch

Green cassule with fuchsia flower embroidery
Moravia, around 1850–1860

Dalmatian with flower embroidery

Bohemia, around 1750

Fragment of antependium with shooting from the cross in a floral frame with full-flowered poppies

Probably Bohemia, around 1730

Ignaz Franz Günther – Jan Šimon Forstner

Monstrance from Kopřivná
Olomouc, 1751–1755

Chalice with Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph

Olomouc, first quarter of the 17th century

Adit with beaded embroidery of Chinese aster flowers

Bohemia, around 1825

Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin

Plantarum rariorum Horti Caesarei Schoenbrunnensis Descriptiones et Icones
Vienna, 1797

Jan I. van den Hecke

Rosary Madonna in a flower wreath
Around 1671


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