NEWS | 5. 9. 2017 Great parties, creative workshops, interesting excursions and an unusual fairy tale will be this years European Heritage Days at the Olomouc Museum of Art. They start this Friday at 6 pm. Another surprise that the museum has prepared for its visitors is free entry to all exhibitions, from Friday to Sunday.

NEWS | 5. 9. 2017

From Friday to Sunday, we join one of the biggest cultural holidays of the Year of European Heritage Days (EHD). And a grand Friday program will be spectacular, a big break with Fascination with Reality. Both Saturdays and Sundays offer theater, workshops and two excursions.


On Friday, at 6 pm, the last summer party of this season will take place, as well as an unusual, nightly, commentary tour of the ending Fascination with Reality. Some of the exhibiting artists will also participate, and DJ Mardoša will be in charge of the music.

Workshops for families with children

They will not be bored with even the smallest visitors to the museum. On Saturday, a workshop will be prepared for them to take them into the secrets of the jungle. Their inspiration will be the image of Jan Uldrych, who will be re-cast on the paper at the Theater of Music. “We will paint with temper colors. Children will try to mix the right green color, “said Michaela Soukupová, a workshop lecturer. It starts at the Music Theater on Saturday at 13 oclock

The Sunday workshop will also involve adults. The Café 87 terraces will be enchanted by reality. “We will create a common still life. There will be plinths on the patio, where visitors will be able to give an object that fascinates them in some way. We then photograph the common still life and put it on the Art Museum website, “Soukupová promises. You can create your still life on Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Excursions around the holy places

There will also be two trips on the program. On Saturday, those interested in architecture and spirituality can go to Zlín. In Sazovice there is a completely new church built by the architect Jan Marek Štěpán. He then makes the tourists personally through a new building, which was consecrated only this May. Another stop will be the modern crusade in Šarovy.

The Sunday trip will focus on pilgrims and will make people interested in Olomouc. “We will start at 3 pm at the Archdiocesan Museum, where at the Waffle Exhibition you will all look secretly into the unique model of Gods grave. Then we go to Olomouc streets. Our goal will be Gods grave in the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, “organizer Hana Lamat said.

Both bookings require reservation. You can book with Hany Lamatova at e-meil or by calling 585 514 174.

Fairy tale and inspiration by Josef Čapek

Theater lovers will also come to their own. Inspiration in the works and life of Josef Čapek found the Lopot Theater, which operates at DC 90 Topolana Day Care Center. The production was directed by Jiří Přivřel. An unconventional performance will be seen in the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday just twice – at 15:00 and 17:00.

One of the summits of EHD 2017 will be the Sunday fairytale Murgila and Zorila in the Theater of Music and subsequent musical works. Contemporary musical puppet stories of the Continuo Murgila and Zorila Theater are Romanian stories. Performances will be accompanied by musical instruments inspired by the instruments of Romanian folk musicians. Such children will be able to produce in the musical workshop after the performance.

Bishop Karel will look forward

During European Heritage Days, families with children can make use of the free entrance and try the tour of the Archdiocesan Museum with an entertaining (and instructive) animated application in the tablets of Bishop Karels Dream. Tablets can be rented for free at the museum. It will be free for all three days to attend all the exhibitions that are in MUO.