Press Release | October 29, 2015

Olomouc | October 29, 2015

The stylish Octavia Combi 1965 will be Wednesday, November 4 ride through the streets of Olomouc. It will carry one of the first Czechoslovak Models Melanie Vančurová. Holds the title of Miss Dior from 1968 to welcome at 19.30 David Hrbeks talk show in the Music Theatre. Discussion is part of the accompanying program to the exhibition To Catch Up and Get Ahead that in the Museum of Modern Art presents Czechoslovak and Polish design from the 60s.

“Melanie Vančurová entered the modeling world in 1968, obtaining the title of Miss Dior, which awarded the famous Parisian salon. In addition, it was often on the front pages of home magazines, also photographed for the German Quelle and Neckermann catalogs, which for the Czech girl was a huge success,” introduced his guest presenter David Hrbek.

One of the first Czechoslovak mannequin, also attended the fashion show at Expo 67 in Montreal. “And thats another reason for her invitation because, as the experience of the fashion world and experiences of the World exhibition are attractive in conjunction with the exhibition To Catch Up and Get Ahead that features a design inspired by the Czechoslovak pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958,” explained Hrbek.

On the talk show brings in 19 hours Melanie Vančurová stylish Octavia 1965. Ever since four oclock in the afternoon, before the Art Museum of Czech girls and Vintage Pin Up Studio lure on a guided tour of “Brussels” exhibition and the evening program, the talk show interleaves the two fashion shows.

Talk show is part of the accompanying program to the exhibition To Catch Up and Get Ahead, that means more than 500 exhibits confronts Czechoslovak and Polish design 60 years, the so-called golden era. Brussels design. Meeting with Melanie Vančurová will be at five oclock prevent a guided tour of the exhibition complemented by photocorner.