NEWS | 7. 8. 2017 The name of the new director of the Childrens Museum of Art is already known. After a weekly suburban camp, Kateřina Marečková sat in the chair. She caught up with the commission and she also met MUO Director Michal Soukup. The rest of the children will be her representative.

NEWS | 7. 8. 2017

A week full of games, laughter and museums, the MUO suburban camp could be described very briefly. This time, his main topic was to find a new director or director of the Childrens Museum of Art, and that happened on Friday. The new director is 13-year-old Kateřina Marečková.

Children met with a variety of museum staff throughout the week and also tried their work. Their findings on the performance of the MUO were then reflected in a Fridays presentation, which they presented to the commission during the selection process.

“Preparing for the selection process was on Friday morning. Children may have drawn the buildings design into the gutter next to the Museum of Modern Art. They proposed, for example, the premises for the individual professions they met during the week, “he related the tasks of the candidates for the post of the Director of Educational Leaders Marek Šobáň.

The colleagues from the Education Department sat in the commission. These children have gradually made their suggestions. “I think it was a great experience for children. It was the first time they had tried to present their ideas to the commission. In life, he certainly meets several times and now he knows what it is, “said Marek Šobáň.

Meeting of Directors

The announcement of the results of the competition itself took place in the Music Theater where the opening of the childrens works from the suburban camp was organized. “Kateřina Marečková was the new director of the Childrens Museum of Art. The other children will then make her a representative, “Šobáň said.

The new director also met with the real director of the Art Museum, Michal Soukup. He and her representative invited her to her office. Kateřina Marečková also tried the chair of the director.

“The director of Soukup agreed with the children that if they had any idea or complaint to go to the museum during the year when they were going to the museum, they would go to the education department and say it. This makes MUO much more enjoyable for small visitors, “said Marek Šobáň.