NEWS 29 06 2022 Ukrainian artist Mykola Ridnyi, Iara Boubnova from the National Gallery in Sofia, Lena von Geyso from Kunstraum München and Barbora Kundračíková from MUO will talk today about art in a state of danger. You can watch them from 20:00 here or on the Facebook of the Museum of Art.

NEWS 29 06 2022

Mykola Ridnyi, artist, curator, guest of the Central Europe Cinema programme and creator of its opening edition, in a discussion with art historian and critic, director of the National Gallery in Sofia Iara Boubnova and curator of the Kunstraum München Lena von Geyso, will touch upon the state of contemporary Ukrainian art film, but also institutional politics and the limits of the art world. In addition, the Film in Emergency series, which has been or is being presented in various modifications by the two aforementioned institutions and the Central European Forum, also addresses more general socio-political issues. What does the term Central or Central Eastern Europe mean today? How do we imagine its as well as our future? And can art help us shape it? The Russian aggression in the East is entering its most challenging phase – it must continue to receive our utmost attention.