Press Release | September 21, 2015

Olomouc | September 21, 2015

Olomouc Museum of Art on Monday, September 21 concluded a fundraising campaign whose proceeds are intended for the purchase of 33 serigraphs set of world-renowned artist Victor Vasarely. The first public collection in the history of the museum eventually brought almost 56 thousand. Director Michal Soukup thanked all the donors and assured them that the work of the pioneer of op-art will become part of the Olomouc collections.

On account of campaign, which in June announced the Association of Friends of the Museum of Art, it was the Monday, September 21 about 51,400 crowns. The largest, twenty thousand gift devoted family Bureš from Olomouc. Founding member of the association Jindriska Burešová confessed to a love for geometry. “They are close to each other only because they are both logical fields, but I loved her again on Slavic grammar school,” said neurologist by profession. Vasarely serigraph Jindriska Burešová admires and because, according to her, ushered in the development of computer graphics. “Every His work resonates in me,” she added patroness. Donors could also contribute to jelly at the ticket office of the Museum of Modern Art. It contained about 4500 crowns.

Museum Director Michal Soukup thanked all donors. “We appreciate every contribution, even the tiniest. I believe that when we possess serigraphs, donators will recall that Vasarely is in Olomouc, and thanks to them, “he said. Although public collection failed to obtain the anticipated 300 thousand, Soukup assured that the museum will not miss a unique acquisition opportunity. “We may be the only state institution in the Czech Republic, which will own and numerous collection of works by Vasarely, and we will do everything possible to do so,” he said. According to him, the collection does not end with fundraising activities of the museum. “We reach another patron who could contribute a higher amount,” explained that the museum closes acquisition of it by the end of the year.