SUN 22 10 2023

10:00 Opening remarks by Petr Papoušek, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Olomouc 

A short lecture on the history of the Jewish Religious Association in Olomouc, the birth of the Jewish Community of Olomouc and the adventurous story of the Olomouc Torah. 

11:00 Lecture by Daniel Soukup and Kamila Cmolova (CJS FF UPOL) Traces of memory: the fate of books of Jewish owners from Moravia during the Shoah. Olomouc Judaists in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Brno are researching the so-called memory traces contained in books that were confiscated from Jewish owners (individuals and legal entities) during the Nazi persecution. On the basis of these individual traces (ownership notes, signatures, drawings, ex libris, stamps, inscriptions or inserted notes), they try to reconstruct the fate of the books as well as the fate of those to whom they belonged. The lecture by the Judaist and historian Daniel Soukup and the Judaic studies student Kamila Cmolová will be accompanied by illustrative examples of the projects results to date.

14:00 Roman Gronsky. Makabi Hacair in Olomouc

Almost every sports fan knows Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israels top basketball team. However, the name Maccabi (Makabi in Czech) was and is worn by other sports clubs around the world. In pre-war Czechoslovakia, for example, there were almost a hundred Jewish sports clubs and even a separate football league.  

In the 1930s, Olomouc also had its own sports club, Maccabi, which had a hiking, tennis and ski club. This almost century-old tradition has recently been continued by a group of enthusiasts who, in addition to sports, are also involved in other social activities. 

They are interested in how the Jewish sports clubs functioned, when, how and where the Jewish Olympics took place, the so-called "Jewish Olympics". You will learn about the Maccabi Museum in Tel Aviv, where you can find original ski equipment from Olomouc, during a lecture by Roman Gronský, a successful participant in European and world Maccabiads, Paralympian and documenter of Czechoslovak and world Jewish sport and scouting.

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