NEWS | 9. 8. 2017 It will take a month for an exhibition of Czech hyperrealism in the Olomouc Art Museum. One of the painters who present their work more real than the fact is also Milos Englberth. Her detailed grass processing takes a breath of all the incoming.

NEWS | 9. 8. 2017

MiloŠ Englberths Silver Strips and Wasapela are an integral part of the Fascination wirh reality Most visitors spend more time in front of them. Why? Surprising is the perfection and elaboration of details such as grass or hair.

How exactly such details are painted, Milos Englberth tells us: “Just on a light background I will apply a darker color and scrape it in such a style that it will start to act, like grass blades.”

Miloš Englberth is a native of Liberec, but he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the Studio of Classical Painting. His teacher was similar to most of the exhibiting authors Zdeněk Beran. Opportunities to exhibit together with his teacher, Milos Englberth thinks he values. However, the path to hyperrealism was sought despite other directions.

“I was based on surrealism, where techniques such as frottage or various decals or scratches, scratching, washing of colored matrix with a cloth were used. When painting it, it happens as if it were spontaneous – and suddenly I found that grass could be “created” without actually painting it, “laughs Englos.

“For example, scraping grass is a moment for me that enjoys the painting. Why? Because it is possible to use different techniques, both by layering the colors and by removing the individual layers. This is then applied beautifully to natural materials such as grass, moss or bark, “says Englberth.

It is just the uncovering and adding of layers of color that Milos Englberth takes as the most interesting thing in his work. “For me, painting is actually one great adventure,” she smiles.