NEWS | September 11, 2015 Seniors appreciate the special program prepared for the exhibition of Zbyněk Sekal.

NEWS | September 11, 2015

“I like it a lot more now, Im beginning to understand,” said Ludmila Wiedermannová, she left the exhibition Zbyněk Sekal  Things Are Moving Forward Slowly. Similarly enthused Sekal also Martina Chládková. “I saw things differently before. Now I understand what drove him,” she described.

Under their new look was animation program by David Hrbek prepared specially for seniors. “Seniors are a great audience. About all they are interested and have a lot of questions,” characterized lecturer Hrbek three dozen people interested in today animation. They also took issue with him, whether Sekal created boxes or cages. And if the “core” of boxes is protected, or is it trapped.

The morning program also praised the chairman of seniors club from Přichystalova street Miroslav Ryšavý. “Time will do fine. Begin at ten oclock is perfect for us, “said the chairman.

New program for seniors is prepared by Museum of Art on October 27, November 24 and December 1.