We strive to make SEFO a living place, the centre of cultural events in Olomouc. We also want it to affect the city life and we wish its existence to be prominent in public space. That is why we are coming up with a completely new exhibition format, which is the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Culture and Art. We will start the first year in the spring of 2021 and dedicate it to the art of paper and on paper.

This triennial has a subtitle "Universum". We understand art as an expression of the effort of the mind and paper as a means of thinking or a kind of a carrier of an idea. Our ambition is not to change the world, but to think about it and give art its true meaning: the ability to create the world - for which paper is the best metaphor.

However, the triennial will not remain focused on the field of fine arts only - it will also bring theatre and music communities to the exhibitions and will expand into the city with artistic and architectural interventions. This also corresponds to the installation itself, which connects all exhibition and program spaces of the museum. Cooperation with external partners (private and city galleries, Palacký University and others) is essential, too.

We believe that the Triennial will make a significant contribution to the further development of the museum, as it deepens the institutions research focused on Central Europe and it contributes to the enrichment of the collections.

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