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Days of Jewish Culture Olomouc 2020 | Film section I

This years film section continues the long-standing tradition of partially crossing the boundaries of the main festival theme and providing non-traditional perspectives. It reflects on the greatest tragedy of not only European Jewry, the Shoah, and follows different approaches and in the Czech environment not very well-known perspectives and ways of artistic representation of this ahistorical event, especially in Israeli society, literature and film. The pornographic comic Stalags, depicting the sexual violence of female SS members on prisoners in concentration camps, has appeared on the shelves of Israeli kiosks since the early 1960s. In parallel with the so-called Eichmann process, it gained popularity and its sale broke records and at the same time stirred up discussions across the Israeli public. Popularity began to decline only after its creators were convicted of spreading anti-Semitic pornography. It remains a controversial topic to this day.

Ari Liebsker, IZR, 2008, Czech subtitles

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