Inge Koskova will present the cross-section of her work

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NEWS | 21. 3. 2018

Landscapes, trees, portraits of friends, the human body, but also music or mandalas, these are the frequent motives of the creation of the leading Czech designer - Inge Kosková. In her works she reflects the spiritual dimension of her ideas. It is often reflected in her fondness for yoga or music. The cross-section of her work on life is subject of a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art starting from 21 March.

Photo Gallery
Inge Kosková

No title, 25. 6. 1982

Inge Kosková

No title, From the writing cycle.

Inge Kosková

No title, From the Structure cycle.

Inge Kosková

The People.

Inge Kosková

Ave Maria, gratia plena…

Inge Kosková

No title, From the Rhythm cycle.

Inge Kosková

Horizon I.


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