Pizza in Auschwitz

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Days of Jewish Culture Olomouc 2020 | Online Film section III

The film by Israeli director, screenwriter and producer Moshe Zimerman focuses on the differences in the intergenerational perception of the Shoah. It follows the story of Danny Chanoch, who went through five concentration camps in his youth and now tries to persuade his family to visit places connected with tragic events with him. His goal is to spend the night with the children in one of the barracks of the Auschwitz camp and, through his physical presence in a specific place, bring the tragedy closer to the generation, which did not experience it itself, not as an ahistorical phenomenon but as a concrete, individual experience. Dannys way of dealing with the persecuting past does not lead through self-questioning and tragic considerations, but spills into humor and exaggeration. This approach is also chosen by the director. Instead of horror shots of the concentration camp and cuts of period documents, he focuses on the chaotic nature of the Chanoch familys journey itself, both to the place itself and to the family history itself.

Moshe Zimmermann, IZR, 2008, Czech subtitles

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